Strategy, control and survival, all these elements in 1 game. Rise to Survive is a cute, but stressful survival game where you need to defend your house from incoming attacks. You can shoot them yourself, but they will keep coming with more and more...

However you're not completely alone: sometimes friends will spawn that will reinforce your house, make sure you don't shoot them!

Have fun playing this game! :)

Development log


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are you intrested in feedback?


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I recently released a crowdsourced playtesting platform for indie games.
You can get unlimited free playtests, as long as you also give feedback for other developers.
This is an aplha.  I'm looking for some feedback myself, especially would such a tool be of any use for game developers

like you. I released it just a few days ago. There is  an interest, but I need a solid data is this project worth further development. There are already a few guys there, so you can publish your game and get feedback.

As this is an aplha, you don't have to test anything.

Here it is:

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Our own highscore is 32, who is able to break it? ;)

- Just beated it! 61 now :)

- Played it again, I like my own game haha. Highscore 80 now